Encanto Puebla represents a great dilemma in my work. During this project, it became clear to me that one can not always focus on what one would like, given that the conditions and tools do not always coincide in the end. I am referring to a work completed for commercial purposes: things have to make sense numerically, and they must answer to available and tangible economic resources.

At Encanto Puebla, there was enormous tension between both extremes, given that I was both architect and developer. An architect who desired and recreated outcomes with his mind and emotions, and a developer or financier who attended to the objective side of the project and was compelled to make it profitable. Only a healthy relationship between both would allow me to move forward. Continuing this work ended up being a great challenge to me. I was inspired by the process; I learned. Encanto Puebla constituted an experience in which it was important to “touch base”: I kept both feet firmly on the ground.

It isn’t my most popular work, but it is one of its most essential elements. The idea that originated this project was without precedent in Puebla. My proposal originated from a different language, given that in contrast with local architecture, I was pursuing simplicity and synthesis. The foundation of the project was the cube. There is nothing more simple and stable than this geometric figure. An ideal structure, perfect in the relationship between its parts and because it allows for an optImum number of walls, the exact quantity needed for plastering, then finishing, then painting. All of the above touches on the theme of getting a good result out of minimal resources. That’s what Encanto Puebla represents. From the beginning, I came up with various constructive alternatives, different proposals in order to arrive at a more viable cost for this condominium development: first, steel; second, concrete; third, a hybrid of steel and concrete; fourth, a mixture based on poststressed and prestressed concrete.

Encanto Puebla always had a precise goal: it was a project in which there was a lot of clarity. Thus I was able to achieve an optimal structure in keeping with both site and circumstances.
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