York or Chicago, where there is a high density population living in a small area, you will find a tendency toward glass constructions. Immense skyscrapers that boast enormous picture windows, huge walls of glass, despite the fact that this material presents considerable thermal complications.

The conservation of the wall in Mexico has been a constant throughout time: from magnificent prehispanic constructions to contemporary developments, passing through colonial architecture along the way. The magic of the wall... symbol, border, annotation, referent of all that is internal and external, inside and outside, guardian of heat and cold, and also of intimacy. This insulation is not only thermal, but visual and acoustic as well. The wall is a constant in Luis Barragán’s architecture, likewise in that of Ricardo Legorreta. Today, architects like Álvaro Siza in Portugal or Tadao Ando in Japan have recovered the concept of walls in architecture as a point of isolation from other latitudes. The wall, with its defining, austere, massive presence, has become one of the great legacies of Mexican architecture around the world.
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